Around 31% of all Netflix users watch using a paid subscription from family members or friends, according to s survey by research firm Survata.

Especially young viewers are using someone else’s subscription: 69% of people aged 13 to 17 use someone else’s account, and 50% of 18 to 24-year-olds.

Survata surveyed 2,255 people in the US in January asking whether they paid for a Netflix subscription or “mooched” by using the account of a family member or friend. Netflix subscriptions allow for one other person to use the same password and login for $8 a month; for $12 up to four people can stream on one account simultaneously.

69% of those surveyed said they pay for a Netflix account, 26% said they used a family member’s, and 5% said they used the account of a friend. Survata also found that 37% of males mooch, while only 27% of females mooch.

The chart below tracks Netflix usage over the past few weeks.