Interactive/Internet Media

  • Network and hosting plan for an early “video over the internet” service
  • Marketing plan for a video website delivering short comedies
  • A biz dev role with patented software designed to provide a commenting pane for online video publishers
  • A consulting role helping copyright owners maximize their YouTube presence while recovering undetected revenue
  • The integration of new software to take print publishing into the digital world with the use of augmented reality & interactive software
  • A technology consisting of an  interstitial browser designed to enhance web sites with artificial intelligence and the ability to generate a one-to-one experience
  • A one-stop-shop for apps and streaming capabilities across all devices

Video Programming

  • The Introduction of numerous international TV networks to US markets
  • The shopping of an environmentally friendly TV animation series
  • The negotiation of IPTV program rights for over 50 small to mid size telephone companies
  • The offering of expert testimony for several law firms in various media disputes
  • An ongoing role involving a broadband pop culture TV network seeking further distribution
  • An advisory role with a niche over-the-top TV network with a subscription model
  • The pursuit of financing for a major motion picture written by a two-time academy award winning song writer
  • The launch of a global science fiction film festival


  • The design of a wireless network in the Mideast sponsored by the US Trade Development Agency
  • A Business Plan involving a triple play (voice, video, data) solution for a municipal water company in Eastern Europe
  • The lease of a full power broadcast station in a Top 5 major market
  • The shaping of a strategic alliance of companies to compete for “smart city” contracts for municipalities
  • A biz plan for a major university to extend its’ TV reach beyond its campus via a broadcast diginet channel
  • A Strategic Plan for a regional satellite operator
  • Five-year telecom plan for a county government in California