The Company

A consultancy group of leading experts with deep experience in all forms of multimedia, programming, networking and transport. Our team has been engaged by companies in cable, film, TV, theater, and internet sectors, as well as operators in wireline, wireless, satellite and web services. We have worked on a wide range of programming projects including short form video, traditional video, and streaming video across all devices.

Broadband Solutions has worked throughout the world on projects ranging from start-up websites to planning for national infrastructure networks. With extensive experience in media and all forms of electronic delivery, as well as telecom and internet technologies and services, Broadband Solutions is prepared to address a wide range of business problems.
Team members have worked for leading cable TV companies, major telecom and satellite operators, internet companies, as well as film, television and interactive media companies. Team members have extensive experience in video programming, production and delivery; internet marketing and social networks, and developing/deploying infrastructure networks.
Clients have included start-ups, media companies, carriers, government agencies, venture capital firms, law firms and internet companies.