BSG started in 1999 with the successful sale of Media General Cable to Cox Communications for over a billion dollars, a record sum at the time. Don Mathison, Media General’s SVP of Programming and Marketing at the time decided his thirty year relationships with the content community could be leveraged by remaining on the program side and working with the telephone community. The business was changing and the internet afforded new opportunities. Numerous telephone companies sought to compete with Cable and the IPTV industry was born. On behalf of the telcos, Don and his colleagues negotiated contracts with every major cable network including HBO, Discovery, Viacom, Disney and Scripps. Soon telco overbuilders joined the ranks and the internet became a cable TV bypass. Obtaining programming contracts was difficult given the pain the music industry had with Napster. However, through perseverance every contract was achieved and telco triple play services were born. Don also assisted in the development of triple play, IPTV operations in overseas markets. The experience obtained dealing with so many programmers and operators provided valuable insights to many new business opportunities. Few in the industry have gained this depth and continuity of experience in the program and interactive media field. Soon the volume of business demanded additional personnel. In thinking about the formation of a new company, Don relied on his knowledge of individuals who were experts in their fields. Many of the handpicked team found the environment with Broadband Solutions Group to their liking and have chosen to maintain a balance between their own work and that of the Broadband Solutions Group. Their willingness to join forces while not necessarily surrendering their own companies has created an elite group of problem solvers with the expertise necessary to address complex business problems and come up with solutions.